Usa Today Spins Breast Cancer Scare Out Of Retracted Study Claim As New Epa Study Dismisses Risk

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National PTA brings youth health and wellness programs to its membership, which includes more than 4 million parents, teachers and community members nationwide. As part of the NFL and National PTA’s Back to Sports initiative, launched this fall, PTA leaders across the country will support Heads Up Football education and training, among other safety-focused programs, for young athletes and their families. The program is aimed at helping youths stay safer and healthier on sports fields. NATA is the professional membership association for certified athletic trainers. Founded in 1950, the organization advances and integrates scientific research to enhance the quality of health care provided by certified athletic trainers. The NATA Foundation is also an official supporter of Heads Up Football. Nearly 2,800 youth football leagues representing approximately 600,000 players and 90,000 coaches across the U.S. have registered for Heads Up Football this season in a commitment to their children’s health and safety. The program is being piloted on the high school level this fall in 35 schools spanning 10 states. Created by Indianapolis-based USA Football, Heads Up Football delivers coach certification, safer tackling techniques, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concussion recognition and response protocols and proper equipment fitting instruction. “In my clinical practice and as a team physician, I see first-hand the difference that evidence-based best practices can make in managing sports-related concussion,” said William Dexter, M.D., president of the American College of Sports Medicine and director of sports medicine at Maine Medical Center. “By systematically training coaches and players on established best practices, Heads Up Football helps make the game safer. As a result, more youngsters will be able to enjoy the benefits of sports participation, leading to a lifetime of healthy physical activity.” “It is critical to ensure that student-athletes and their families are knowledgeable about ways to stay safe and healthy while playing the sports they love,” said Eric Hargis, National PTA executive director. “PTAs play an important role in engaging and educating families, and we are pleased to bring insights and techniques from experts in medicine and sport to communities across the country through the Heads Up Football program to help keep children safe on sports fields.” “Heads Up Football reinforces many of the safety messages the NATA communicates and is an excellent complement to our organizational initiatives designed to make sports safer for young athletes,” said Jim Thornton, NATA president. “Our association is proud to endorse this valuable program that aligns so closely with our goal to keep young and aspiring athletes on the field, off the sidelines, and doing what they enjoy best in a safe and competitive environment.” “This support for our Heads Up Football program was gained after extensive medical review and underscores the value of the standards we’re establishing in our game,” USA Football Executive Director Scott Hallenbeck said.

USA vs. Jamaica: Young Players Who Deserve a Shot

Now, she has turned to vom Saals longtime collaborator, University of Tufts researcher Ana Soto to advance the claim BPA increased the risk of mammary cancers in rats and therefore might pose a risk to humans. The rub as I reported recently here on Forbes is that Soto and her co-authors were forced to walk back this claim by the journal that published the study because the statistical data showed no such risk. As Stanley Young, Assistant Director for Bioinformatics at the National Institute of Statistical Sciences, said when he was shown the papers statistical data: There is no dose response for cancer, which is their claim. The observed results are consistent with chance. (See here and here for earlier stories on the Soto claim). Despite this, Soto tells Szabo that the science is settled on the risk. Szabo also cites uncited work on BPA in monkeys as evidence of risk from BPA, but not the recent work of the Food and Drug Administration on monkeys which shows it is not. Even more astonishing for a news report published in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Szabo has completely missed several signal moments in the BPA-Breast cancer saga. The first is the publication of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded study in Food and Chemical Toxicologywhich shows that blood levels of active BPA as measured by the most rigorous analytical methods -are vastly lower than the levels required to activate the cell receptors involved in triggering breast cancer. As the authors from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the FDAs National Center for Toxicological Research (Teeguarden et al.) -note: Typical serum BPA concentrations are orders of magnitude lower than levels measurable by modern analytical methods and below concentrations required to occupy more than 0.0009% of Type II Estrogen Binding Sites, GPR30, ER or ER receptors. Occupancies would be higher, but 0.04%, for the highest affinity receptor, ERR. Our results show limited or no potential for estrogenicity in humans, and question reports of measurable BPA in human serum. In other words, breast cancer from BPA is, in the real world, all but impossible. The second signal moment USA Todays health writer misses isthe recent publication in the journal Breast Cancer Research of a letter by Antonia Calafat, the renowned Centers for Disease Control expert on biomonitoring. The letter warns about researchers misreading high BPA levels in human blood serum due to contamination of the samples something that has been widely noted in the BPA literature but occluded from the news reporting on the chemical.

USA Boxing sucker-punches Tyson

In the form of an open letter, USA Boxing took issue with none other than Mike Tyson for trying to “buy” fighters before the organization felt it was the fighter’s time to get paid. “USA Boxing does not have the funds to compete with your offers,” Dr. Charles Butler, USA boxing president, said. “If you have money and would like to assist these young athletes and the sport, you should donate for athletes’ stipends to support the training of these boxers and help your country regain its prominence on the medal stand.” Now, no one in their right (or left) hemisphere would say Mike Tyson is walking around with a halo hovering over his head as he tries to get his post-Broadway career off the ground by getting into boxing promotions. [+] Enlarge AP/Richard Shotwell/Invision USA Boxing sent an open letter to Mike Tyson, asking him to wait until after the 2016 Rio Games to sign the country’s top amateur fighters. But if Tyson wants to move past pigeon-racing reality shows on Animal Plant or another academy award-winning guest appearance in “The Hangover IV: A New Hope” and make his move to be the next Don King, who are we — or USA Boxing — to complain? Tyson has done so well with his life since he left the sport (as long as he does not revert to the misbehavior he exhibited after longtime trainer Cus D’Amato died, then all is good). But this isn’t about Tyson or his response to Butler’s letter in the New York Post claiming the organization never reached out to him directly and is “taking advantage of my name and company for publicity.” This is about USA Boxing. When did USA Boxing become so sanctimonious? So righteous and indignant? Boxing promoters have perpetually gone after amateur boxers in an attempt to get them to skip the Olympic route.

Last month, Nix told TheWrap , Were sort of moving forward to casting and thinking about actually doing it. So, the indications seem to be good at USA. Burn Notice recently wrapped its final season . At the time, Nix also said that a spin-off of the spy show is something that hed definitely like to do, though he hasnt been approached to write it yet. The three pilot orders join USAs previously announced pilot pick-up for Universal Cable Productions untitled Sean Jablonski project, which is written and executive produced by Jablonski (Suits, Nip/Tuck) and executive produced by Russ Krasnoff (Community). Period alien drama, Horizon, from executive producer Gale Ann Hurd (Walking Dead) and writer and co-executive producer Bridget Tyler (Burn Notice) is currently in production. Also read: Burn Notice Star Sharon Gless Talks Series Big Death: It Made Me Cry See USAs full descriptions for the newly greenlit pilots below: COMPLICATIONS (working title) After wrapping seven seasons of the popular series BURN NOTICE, Nix brings his next offering to the network with this gritty medical drama. The project centers around John Ellis, a disillusioned suburban ER doctor, who finds his existence transformed when he intervenes in a drive-by shooting, saving a young boys life and killing one of his attackers. When he learns the boy is still marked for death he finds himself compelled to save him at any cost and discovers that his life and his outlook on medicine may never be the same. COMPLICATIONS is written and executive produced by Nix and is from Fox Television Studios. NOVICE (working title) Its no secret that todays college graduates face the most difficult job market ever. The drama NOVICE takes the audience on the journey of a young man who finds that his true calling may be a life of crime.

Jamaica: Young Players Who Deserve a Shot By (Featured Columnist) on October 9, 2013 902 reads Mix Diskerud is among three young Americans who deserve their chance against Jamaica on Friday. Jamie Sabau/Getty Images The United States Men’s National Team has already qualified for the 2014 World Cup, which means Friday evening’s game against Jamaica should be an opportunity for younger players to gain valuable experience ahead of soccer’s biggest event in the summer of 2014. The training camp roster has already been announced and posted to the USMNT website , and head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has elected to invite multiple young players who have little experience with the national team. Building experience for these players is crucial ahead of the World Cup, because Klinsmann cannot guarantee the health of his star players between now and the tournament next summer. He must have a deep roster of players prepared to step onto the pitch in red, white and blue and perform at a world-class level. That all starts Friday against Jamaica, when he should give the opportunity to play to these players. Terrence Boyd, Forward Boyd is an extremely talented young player, but lacks experience against a high level of competition since he plays in Austria for his club soccer. But when he got his chance against top-level opposition in a hostile environment, he made the most of his opportunity. The video below depicts his biggest moment as a member of the national team, when the US defeated Mexico at Azteca Stadium. He showed a great amount of positional awareness and creativity to facilitate what would be a very important goal for the US, and would prove to be the first ever game-winning goal scored by the USMNT against Mexico at Azteca. At the age of 22, there’s certainly plenty of room for Boyd to continue to grow and develop into a world-class forward that the US has sought for quite a while. So getting the chance to start and play against Jamaica in Friday’s World Cup qualifier would be yet another chance for him to build chemistry with his national team compatriots, and earn his place on the roster for bigger and tougher opponents in the future.