Usa And Sub-saharan Africa Will See Increased Trade Growth, Says Dhl

Can Team USA Win The America’s Cup?

A fellow sailor just asked, Youre still writing about the Americas Cup? I thought it was over! Can Team USA Win? Until yesterday, a lot of people had written off the 34th Americas Cup. But now, folks are starting to pay attention. Last week, it looked like Emirates Team Team New Zealand would walk away with the Cup; they were up seven races to one in a first-to-nine series. (Team USA must win 11 due to a penalty.) The tides have turned and Oracle Oracle Team USA has sailed and won four consecutive races. Team New Zealand leads with eight races while Oracle closes in with five. Larry Ellison has cracked a smile, finally The contest has become a nail biter, the machines are incredible and the sailing has been great, said Brad Read, multi-class world champion and executive director of Sail Newport in Newport, RI. (Reads brother is one of the on-air Cup commentators for NBC.) Team New Zealand needs one more win to take the Cupbut they just cant close. Momentum is the most under rated force in sport, said Trinity College squash coach Paul Assaiante who well understands the dynamics of winning. He coached the team with the longest winning streak in the history of any intercollegiate sport. The losing team is relentless because they are one breath away from being deadand thats the most dangerous animal. Oracle Team USA has been pretty dangerous. Yesterday, they navigated the Bays tricky tides and fluky winds to win races 14 and 15. Oracle Tactician Sir Ben Ainslie executed a risky two-tack sequence to put Team USA firmly in the lead on the last leg of one race. (Tacks take away boat speed, the fewer tacks the better.) And while, sadly, Team USA does not have the entire nation behind them, Emirates Team New Zealand has their whole country, about four and a half million sailing fans, weighing on them. Lets hope Team New Zealand can find its closer mentality. Yankees Mariano Rivera has it, Read told me, Lets hope Team New Zealand finds its inner-Rivera! Today marks the 13th day of racing, making it the longest series in the Cups 132-year history. As one commentator put it, The Summer of Racing has become a Fall Classic.

We were behind at Mark 1 both times and gave up too much distance on the downwinds. The boys worked hard and made gains upwind, but it was never quite enough to put pressure on ORACLE TEAM USA. ORACLE TEAM USAs Ainslie also spoke of the difficulty on the racecourse, with the wind puffy and patchy. But when the wind strength increased in the second race, the crew unleashed ORACLE TEAM USA and it began foiling upwind a mode where the boat looks its best. Foiling upwind is a decision between me, Tom and Jimmy a bit, and its got to do with wind pressure, said Ainslie. If we see that we have good pressure and a good shift were happy to go in that mode. Today a bit in the second race we had good pressure and were happy to go fast the way we were going. Its important to do it at the right time. If you do it at the wrong time on the outside of a shift or a header you can lose as much as youd possibly gain. Tomorrow marks Day 17 of the 34th Americas Cup, which will put the match in the history books as the longest ever. Lighter conditions are forecast, yet still strong enough to conduct racing. But if today was patchy, tomorrow could be worse, adding pressure to both teams who have no margin for error. Its right there for the taking, we just have to put a solid race together, said Barker. We didnt do as good a job as what we expected today. Were not down, we know we can win this thing, we just have to go out tomorrow and do a much better job. This is a team that has been through a lot in this campaign, said Spithill. Weve faced all sorts of adversity. We capsized Boat 1, everything going on before match, taking away 2 points and our wing trimmer, but the team didnt wave the white flag.

ORACLE TEAM USA extends 34th America’s Cup with four consecutive wins

governments willingness to break down trade barriers to achieve this. The IMFs Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa report found that economic activity in the region is projected to expand by about 5% in 2012 and 2013, a similar pace to that observed in 201011. Key markets driving this growth are Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Mauritius and South Africa. The express company has seen a similar picture appearing between the US and various African trade lanes, with larger, more developed economies like South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana and Angola boasting strong double digit growth on both inbound and outbound volumes. However, according to their shipment figures, it is the smaller, rising economies that are seeing a major boom, with Somalia, Mayotte, Guinea-Bissau and South Sudan seeing meteoric increases in imports from the U.S., and Comoros, Eritrea, South Sudan and Liberia enjoying significant demand for exports to the States. The USA and Africa have historically enjoyed favourable trade conditions based on the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) of 2000, says Ian Clough, CEO for DHL Express USA. We are confident that, when this legislation is reviewed , there will be further benefits for both U.S. and African businesses looking to build cross-border business opportunities. According to statistics released at the AGOA Forum in Addis Ababa last month, U.S. total trade with sub-Saharan Africa (exports plus imports) has grown more than 250 percent , to $72.3 billion in 2012 from $28.2 billion in 2001, the first full year of AGOA trade. There is no doubt that there is commitment to trade growth from the respective governments, and these figures will continue to rise, concludes Brewer. It is now the role of the private sector and the thousands of SMEs looking for opportunities to take advantage of this growth, and build success on this lucrative trade lane. Distributed by the African Press Organization on behalf of Deutsche Post DHL. Media Contact: Lee Nelson. Senior Manager Marketing & Communications, Sub-Saharan Africa DHL Express DHL The Logistics company for the world DHL ( ) is the global market leader in the logistics industry and The Logistics company for the world.

USA Psychology Clinic to partner with National Depression Screening Day

As the new school year kicks into high gear, the USA Psychological Clinic is offering students a mental health check-up during the month of October at as part of National Depression Screening Day. Students will have an opportunity to take a brief, anonymous screening and learn more about their mental health. The screening provides students with insight into symptoms they might be experiencing and offers helpful treatment and referral information, if necessary. Many students dont realize that if they are frequently experiencing stress and feeling overwhelmed it can lead to developing a mood disorder, says Dr. Kim Zlomke, director of USA Psychological Clinic and assistant professor in the Department of Psychology. Our online mental health screenings for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder are a free and anonymous way for students to evaluate if they might be suffering from a mood disorder. If they are having symptoms associated with a mood disorder, educational and treatment resources are provided. Some of the questions included in the online screening are: Have you lost pleasure in things you used to enjoy? Do you have trouble sleeping or eating? Do you deliberately avoid social situations? Does your mood fluctuate between overly high and utterly hopeless? Do you suffer from unexplained aches and pains?