Napoli Fans Blamed For London Restaurant Attack


29 as the NFL returned to London and Wembley Stadium. The Vikes outlasted the Steelers 34-27, thanks in large part to Peterson’s efforts. Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports Last Slide Next Slide Still, growth for the game at the grass-roots level at the field level does nevertheless appear to be taking place in the U.K. “It’s an upward trajectory in terms of participation,” says Andy Fuller, the director for student football at the British American Football Association, the national governing body for the sport here. BAFA’s Fuller says that there has been “rapid and tremendous growth within the higher education sector” with a full 76 college teams now competing and what he called a “tranche more” ready to launch for the 2014 and 2015 season. In 2008, there were 42 teams playing college football in the U.K. But to misquote Shakespeare, there are more things between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your desire to see football matches played in Britain, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “No other sport will ever be as big as soccer as it is part of the psyche of the country, ” says Lawrence Vos, a British-based corporate brand manager and NFL blogger. “I think we can sustain a long-term franchise in London but they would need to win early,” says Vos, referring to the oft-touted idea that the capital city may one day host a permanent NFL franchise. Vos’ local team, the University of Birmingham Lions, were crowned BUCS American Football National Champions in April, but of the four NFL teams playing in London this fall, only the 49ers have managed to win a game this season. NFL EXEC: London getting ‘huge game’ of winless teams “I will be there on Sunday for the Steelers-Vikings game, but I would much rather be there to root for an NFL team that is based in the U.K. The fans that go to Wembley support all 32 teams so it’s always a bit of a weird atmosphere,” Vos said.

Roman skulls unearthed deep beneath London

A Roman bull plaque. Ten thousand accessioned finds have been discovered at the site. This is the largest assemblage of small finds to have ever been recovered on a single excavation in London.

The success of the latest NFL game at Wembley brought about the inevitable questions over whether a team will ever be based outside of America. If it is to happen, all signs point to it being in London, with two games being held at Wembley this year and the possibility of three next year. The NFL seem set on bringing a team to London at some point in the future, but Sky Sports’ NFL anchor Cadle says he cannot see it happening for some time yet, and was keen to point out that it would be an international team for the whole of Europe, not just London. NFL UK MD Alistair Kirkwood “It was a fantastic weekend, starting with the Block Party on Regent Street, but then the game, it goes down to the last ten seconds to decide if a team will win it or lose it you can’t ask any more than that,” said Cadle. “I think a London franchise is still a little bit of a ways off, if it does happen I don’t see it happening in the next seven to ten years, I don’t see it happening before that time. “There’s a lot of things that need to be ironed out first – economics, the tax system, so a lot of things to be looked at before that could become a reality. Europe’s team “It’d be great though, it would be fantastic. The thing is it’d be more than just a franchise for London, it would be an international franchise because you’d have people coming in from all these different countries to come and support the team. “That’s the thing that is has, it would be supported from all around Europe, it would not just be a London, England or Great Britain franchise but it would be more of an international type franchise. “The thing is it’d be more than just a franchise for London, it would be an international franchise because you’d have people coming in from all these different countries to come and support the team.” Kevin Cadle “That’s what the NFL is trying to do, to get it to a point where it continues to grow because right now it’s basically an American sport, so they’re trying to branch it out. “And the most perfect place in the world of any city for them to branch out to is London – one is the short trip to most places, two is the language and then the culture, people when they come here they love everything London offers culturally.” A predicted more to three games next season could be another test of whether the London market could support a team, and Cadle thinks the masses of support for all the different NFL teams will help keep the games popular. “If you have the three games then we’ll see what happens, we’ll see how well those three games sell out. Hopefully it’s three teams that match up pretty well with each other, and if so then I think they will sell out.


A statement issued by London’s Metropolitan Police said the incident, which saw one man assaulted and the window of the Piebury Corner restaurant smashed, started when around 30 Napoli supporters became involved in a verbal exchange with Arsenal fans on their way to the Emirates where the home side won 2-0. However, the manager of the restaurant insisted Arsenal fans had played no part at all in the build-up. The police statement added: “The Napoli fans then turned violent, smashing a window and throwing a number of chairs before moving on.” Arsenal supporters had to duck for cover and a 48-year-old man was taken to hospital with lacerations to his head, after witnesses reported that a group of Italian men had been swinging belts and throwing tables and chairs through the restaurant. Wednesday saw Piebury Corner manager Paul Campbell and his staff continuing to clean up the damage. While English football fans remain notorious in Europe for hooliganism, largely as a result of incidents from the 1970s through to the early 2000s, Campbell absolved Arsenal supporters of any blame for Tuesday’s incident. “I’ve looked back at the (CCTV) footage and it is very clear – it was a completely unprovoked attack,” Campbell, originally from Ayrshire in Scotland, said. “I was at the restaurant last (Tuesday) night and saw it happen, and I was shocked by it. But, having looked back at the footage, it looks even worse. “The Arsenal fans were backing away from the trouble, they were trying to get out of the way.” Campbell, who added several Napoli supporters had visited Piebury Corner without incident earlier in the day, said there was no sign of any Arsenal fans looking for trouble and took issue with an aspect of the police’s version of events. “They (Arsenal supporters) did not retaliate at all. There was no verbal exchange — they were just attacked.” Police said there had as yet been no arrests in connection with the incident.

Is London Big Enough For A Second Startup Hub?

Over 100 fragments of Roman writing tablets have been unearthed, including an affectionate letter. A ceramic oil lamp depicting a stag. Approximately 700 boxes of pottery fragments will be analyzed by MOLA — Museum of London Archaeology — specialists. Complete Roman ceramic beaker. Roman leather carbatina (a shoe.) Roman fist and phallus. The largest assemblage of fist and phallus good luck charms from one site was discovered. A bone sword handle. A Roman woven basket. Some 3,500 tonnes of soil have been excavated by hand. That amounts to 21,000 barrows of spoil (soil). A Roman tiled floor. Some 75,000 man hours have been spent excavating and recording the extraordinary archeology on site. Timber foundation beams from a Roman building. A Roman timber drain.

Quite the opposite, claims Hill. A lot of clients, theyre struggling for meeting space in Central London. Theyre really happy to come to us. Weve got a huge space. Weve got a Muay Thai boxing gym in here, so we have two boxing rings in the office people find it quite quirky. If were going to meet clients, then the fact that we can show them an interesting space that isnt just four desks in a really expensive Shoreditch office gives us some more credibility, Hill says. And The Downsides If Hill and other West London startups have the classic advantages of the gentrification pioneer big, character filled spaces in which to create he also faces some of the same challenges. The biggest one? Imminent interest in the transforming neighborhood that will shift the real estate market once again. FIGs warehouse home is slated for demolition in the next few years to make way for an expansion of the shopping center that also serves as its landlord, so the incubator is already making plans for a move. Were already looking for where might the next big warehouse project is that we can take over and bring in even more exciting businesses, Hill says. That might be a hassle for the companies in FIG Village, but its good news for the city, Hill feels.