Justin Bieber Has Graduated To Hot-boxing An Entire Plane, Pilot Included

YouTube/Vevo Justin Bieber is known for making dreams come true. And his cameo in Madison Beer’s new music video “Melodies” is no exception: She is his protege after all! The story began last summer when the 19-year-old pop star noticed her talent and posted a YouTube video of Beer’s singing Etta James’ “At Last” to his Twitter page. Her response to the Biebs? “OMGOGMFHAHDBSBAWHEBSBSHHWEHHDXHSHHAFBBAGEEHYBT I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. I AM CRYING.” And now, just a year later, Beer is being represented by Biebs manager Scooter Braun and making her big music video debut. With some help from Justin, of course. The video begins with Bieber sitting with his pal Ryan Butler listening to the pop tune. “You hear that Ryan? That’s a smash,” Bieber says. “She’s gonna be a star, trust me.” “I think I love her, bro,” Ryan tells Biebs. PICS: Bieber’s Instagrams The two laugh share a laugh and Bieber says “watch this.” The megastar then signs a note and puts a set of headphones in a red box with a purple bow.

You Beliebers! You should be so proud! Rarely are the fruits of an artists labors so visible to the outside eye! Justin is so focused on the music that it billows around his head in great clouds. His love of art is so strong that it almost hot-boxed the pilot of a plane. It was like Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke, says the pilot, making a reference to a movie that was essentially the Harold and Kumar of its time. Apparently, members of Justins posse were smoking Swisher Sweet blunt cigars which, incidentally, are legal to smoke when youre flying private, unlike baggies of white powder and Justin was baked out of his mind during the flight. Man. Isnt it inspiring to see a young kid so intoxicated by his own creativity? We should all be so in touch with our reserves of inner talent that all we can do is stare glassy-eyed out into a cloud of our own ideas. Justin was so overcome by his own genius that apparently when the pilot produced the credit card authorization for Justin to sign, he said, Huh, what? Who am I signing this for? For the music, Justin. For the music.

Pilot: Justin Bieber ‘Baked Out Of His Mind’ On Private Jet

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