Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Have Struck Up A Friendship, So Welcome To My Hell

We HATE that summer is pretty much over. I mean, sure, we’re looking forward to wearing chunky sweaters and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, but, unfortunately, cooler weather also means fewer opportunities for celebs to take their shirts off! OK, when we say “celebs,” we really mean “fewer photos of Justin Bieber sans shirt.” So, how should we bid adieu to warm weather and, consequently, fewer shirtless Justin Bieber photos? By drooling over a pic of shirtless Justin stunt’n on an four-wheeler, that’s how! Posting his end-of-summer photo to Instagram , the ” Heartbreaker ” singer captioned, “Tmz this is for u ” We’re not sure about whatever inside joke Justin has going with the paparazzi, but we DO want to know what TMZ did to get a shirtless shot dedicated to them. (Seriously. Did they offer him their firstborn?! We can do that too, Justin!!!) Now, please excuse us while we spend the rest of the day staring at this photo / paying our respects to the end of another beautiful shirtless season (we’re looking at you too, Nick Jonas and Harry Styles ). Won’t you join us in a moment of silence for the summer of 2013 — R.I.P.? (BTW, “RIP” stands for Remember Idealistic Physiques.)

The photo is below, and was captioned with: Breezy spray painted my half pipe. Hes super dope First of all, doesnt that sound just the teensiest bit double entendre-y to anyone but me? And second of all, thank god that its now decorated with that little rodent from Ice Age because WASNT IT LAME WHEN IT WASNT. Everyone would come by and laugh at Justins half-pipe because an undecorated half-pipe means an undecorated man, and an undecorated man is utterly without valor. Which I guess gives a little insight into his rapidly-expanding tattoo sleeve , as well. This friendship is the absolute worst, because these two are individually the absolutely worst, and I have zero faith that they will bring out anything other than the absolute worst in each other. So in honor of that, Im just going to distract myself from this all-you-can-eat buffet of worstness by imagining Justin asking his mom to take this picture of his new friend Breezy. He wouldve asked grandma to do it, but hes not quite ready for his new buddy to see his big boy bottom, and Grandma Bieber is always pushing for that . Mom come take a picture of me and my friend Breezy! Or Grandma can do it, but shed want me to show my but in it. You know how cute she thinks that is.

Justin Bieber Tried But Failed To Understand Just How Whipped Mike Tyson Is [Video]

Tyson sat down with Conan on Wednesday where he was asked about his relationship with Bieber. The once great professional boxer declared bankruptcy in 2003 after earning $300 million during his career. He was later convicted of rape in 1992, serving three years of a six years sentence. I like Justin Bieber a lot, yeah Justin Biebers pretty cool, Mike told Conan. Recounting an anecdote about the Baby star, the 47-year-old said a mutual friend Mally Mall put the teen superstar on the phone at Biebers request. Hey Mike, how you doing, Ive got somebody who wants to talk to you so he puts Justin on the phone, the Brooklyn native recalled . So Justins on the phone, Hey man, whats up? How you doing? Tyson explained to Conan that the phone call came on a particularly bad day due to the fact that he and his wife Lakiha Spicer, his third, who he married in 2009 had been arguing that day. At this point, Mike imitated Justins higher voice, saying, Hey Man whats up? How ya doing? Tyson told Conan he unloaded on the star, replying, Im mad Justin! Stuff aint good man!This is happening, this is happening, this is happening To the champs surprise, the teen heartthrob responded to his tale of woe with an invite to the Bahamas.