How The Shutdown Will Screw Hollywood

A few months ago, Quentin Tarantino agreed to trim some of the gore out of Django Unchained , but Chinese censors yanked the movie at the last minute anyway, until Tarantino agreed to more cuts. Where Does Django Unchained Rank on Our List of the Worst Movie Mistakes? In fact, it’s routine for Hollywood to alter the content of its overseas prints to placate China. Sometimes, it’s a question of outright censorship. For instance, all of Chow Yun-Fat’s scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End were cut because Chinese censors considered his pirate character an offensive ethnic caricature. Chinese censors also found offensive all the Chinese-American characters who were secretly alien invaders in Men in Black 3 , so they ended up on the cutting-room floor. The funniest example is the recent Titanic 3D , which cropped out Kate Winslet’s famous nude scene out of fear that the 3D effects might inspire moviegoers to reach out and try to cop a feel. Sometimes it’s adding scenes, as in Iron Man 3 , whose Chinese prints include spliced-in scenes of popular Chinese actor Wang Xueqi as a doctor who helps Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. He’s also shown drinking the Yili brand of milk, in a blatant scene of product placement . The scenes were so superfluous that even Chinese audiences practically hooted them off the screen. And then there are movies that undergo more fundamental content changes for releases in all countries in order to please China. Wonder why the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 wasn’t Mandarin at all ? Or why the martial art practiced in the recent Karate Kid remake wasn’t karate at all but kung fu, with the movie set not in America but in Beijing?

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: Unhappy ending for Hollywood Nights

For starters, you (fine, again, me) can stop calling it “White House Down.” And to answer your next question, no, it will not be like The Purge. I mean, in theory, you could do that to your neighbors I guess, but police departments are still operational so you’d probably get arrested. (Though perhaps not a bad time to invest in a little ADT Home Security in case you live near a crazy person who really loves Ethan Hawke.) So how will this affect America? In a very serious number of ways : Any non-essential government worker will be sent home, with no guarantee of retroactive post-shutdown pay; the Veterans Board will be able to do little more than keep their hospitals open; Washington D.C. will lose about $200 million in economic activity each day the shutdown carries on; and you’re not getting that gun permit pushed through anytime soon, no matter how much Ann Coulter whines . But who cares about those paper pushers. How does this affect Hollywood? Variety took a closer look at this dire situation: Film permits for shooting at national parks may not be issued. Visa processing is going to be slowerbut not haltedfor studios that are working with international actors that would need work visas. The National Association of Theatre Owners may not be able to lobby Congress about that annoying little Affordable Care Act provision that would require health care to be extended to workers who put in 30 hours, instead of the current 40-hour mandate. (If you read between the lines, yes, people like this are half the reason we’re IN a shutdown right now, and why your dumb indie film is going to have relocate to the fire hydrant on your block instead of the geysers at Yellowstone.) See? Life in Hollywood isn’t all cold pressed juice and Wednesday nights at the Roosevelt pool. We have real problems too. America, fuck yeah.