Comparisons of Independent and Agency Type Escort Girls

There are two types of escort girls when it comes to the services they are catering. There are escort girls that are considered as independent and there are those that are working with agency. The difference of these girls can vary from the rate and type of service they can provide.

Independent Escort Girls

Advantage – mostly, independent escorts can earn higher income as compared to those that are agency-based. This is because the independent girls are not obliged to contribute a specific amount of their earnings as compared to those working with agency.

Disadvantage – the disadvantage of the independent escort girls working independently is the limited jobs or customers. Also, they have limited resources since independent females for hire do not have colleagues that can recommend them to their clients.

Agency-based Escort Girls

Advantage – the main advantage of the agency-based escorts is the numerous job offers or clients. They don’t have limitations from the resources where they can provide service and able to take multiple customers in a day.

Disadvantage – the main disadvantage of the escorts working for agencies is the amount of money taken from them as commission. It is also possible sometimes that there are only girls preferred by customers so the escorts will have to wait for customers to book them.

Although both of them have advantage and disadvantage, it is still up to the person acting as customer to choose whether where they will acquire the service they need.

Acquiring Service from a Female Escort

If you choose an independent female escort, you can expect that you may have to wait for her to finish the current booking before you. So if you do not want to wait and you want to take the plunge of acquiring sexual service from an escort, then consider getting from websites that have lots of models available.

Independent sexy escortsExceptions from Independent Escorts

There are also girls working as independent escorts and at the same time, also working for the agency or website. These females are highly professional when it comes to servicing their customers so they tend to be hired by agencies.

Recommendation for Female Escort

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Overall, hiring female escorts for your personal needs such as sex or companionship is better to be done through websites. One good reason is you can check the credibility of the provider easily by reading reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. Also, it is convenient and done in private ways so you do not have to worry about someone seeing you of hiring women for sexual pleasure.