Cities Direct: Organising a weekend with the girls

There is no better way to catch-up with the girl than with a girls weekend away. The biggest challenge you will face is arranging a time that will suit all of your friends. With that in mind it’s worth planning the weekend a few months in advance, that way you give everyone a chance to get organised and make any arrangements that might be needed. Once you’ve organised the dates and you know who’s going, the next subject to broach is money. Money does have the ability to cause tension between friends. For example, the organiser of the week away may not enjoy chasing their friends for money so there are two ways around this. Firstly, you can make a booking and make each friend pay their own deposit to the hotel directly, or you start a group fund where everyone puts in an agreed amount and that is used to foot the bill.

Now all the important and boring bits are done you can do the best bit. Decide where to go, the choices are endless and it really depends on what you are looking for. There are luxury weekend breaks where you can hit the shops before chilling in a spa and indulging in a range of treatments Sex in the City style. Most large hotels and resorts have packages that include some pampering, so make sure you enquire the deals when you book.You could all be more adventurous and would rather return home with new skills than new clothes and shoes. If this is you and your friends you should consider an experience weekend. Some activity organisers claim to have “seen groups of friends create stronger bonds by stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things together.” For more details join.