‘chinese Food’ By Alison Gold: It Could Be The Most Annoying Song Ever

Walmart to Get Stuck With Most of Food Stamp Shopping Spree

PHOTO: Shelves in the Walmart store in Springhill, LA

Those helping out included one person who works for the Department of Justice and another employed by the Navy. CNN agreed not to identify furloughed workers receiving food due to a combination of their embarrassment and not wanting to hurt their employer. “Getting paid helps, but it doesn’t help right now,” said one, who acknowledged she’ll probably get paid once the shutdown ends. Still, the woman said she is struggling to put food on the table. Some told CNN they were living paycheck to paycheck. “The biggest thing (people are feeling) is fear,” said Hahn. “Even a lot of federal employees who know that they’re going to get their checks made up, they’re still going to be shy” if they miss a couple of pay periods. President Barack Obama visited a food pantry in downtown Washington on Monday where he helped make peanut butter sandwiches. He told reporters that he stopped by Martha’s Table because many of volunteers there had been furloughed. “They’re here contributing and giving back to the community and I think that shows the kind of spirit that we have among all kinds of federal workers all across the country, people who dedicate their lives to public service,” Obama said. Hahn, who has worked for Chesapeake Church for 20 years, said many of the men and women he saw collect food on Monday were new faces who had never sought their help in the past. While a study by Main Street showed that Calvert County was the 13th wealthiest county in the United States in 2012, Hahn said that ranking doesn’t show how many “working poor” live in the area. “It’s a damn shame,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley told CNN.

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14, 2013 A Walmart store in Paramount, Calif., Nov. 23, 2012. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images A couple of Louisiana Walmart stores will be stuck with most of the bill after food stamp recipients went on a colossal shopping spree when a power outage temporarily lifted their spending limits, state officials said today. Police were called to Walmart locations in Mansfield, La., and Springhill, La., on Saturday as shoppers cleaned out store shelves. Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd said some customers were pushing more food than any household could store in a refrigerator and freezer. “I saw people drag out eight to ten grocery carts,” Lynd said. One person hauled away more than $700 worth of groceries, the chief said. The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services’ spokesman Trey Williams said the retailers who chose not to use the emergency procedures that limit sales up to $50 per cardholder during an emergency would be responsible for any additional amount spent over eligible benefit balances. Courtesy KSLA.com Shelves in the Walmart store in Springhill, La., were cleared Saturday, when the store allowed purchases on EBT cards that didn’t show limits. Following the policy clarification by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, Walmart told ABCNews.com the incident was “isolated” and the company doesn’t believe it had any material impact to its U.S. business. The shopping frenzy was triggered when the Electronic Benefits Transfer system went down because a back-up generator failed at 11 a.m. EST Saturday during a regularly-scheduled test, according to Xerox, a vendor for the EBT system and based in Norwalk, Conn. The bill could be a sizeable one for Walmart.

We’ve found the most annoying song ever, and it happens to be about fast-food Chinese food. Oh, and it’s also called, you guessed it, “Chinese Food.'” It’s understandable to want to sing about a food you love. Freshly shucked oysters with a squeeze of lemon are always song-worthy, but most of us know better than to break into song. Unless you’re 12-year-old Alison Gold. Also Is the Kookn’ Kap chef’s hat the next big thing in the kitchen? Gold teamed up with producer Patrice Wilson to create the song. And if Wilson’s name sounds familiar, you should remember him as the guy who produced Rebecca Black ‘s “Friday” ,that ear-piercing song that took the Internet by storm in 2011. In the “Chinese Food” video, Gold starts by singing about clubbing (at 12!), getting hungry and grumpy. She finds a Chinese restaurant called “Chinese Food” and runs inside, because after all, it’s her favorite. And the worst chorus in history begins: “I love Chinese food, you know that it’s true.” (Do I?) “I love fried rice, I love noodles, I love chow mein, chow me-me-me-me-mein.” (Someone should tell her that chow mein is noodles) Gold meets a man in a panda suit who becomes her new friend. Because everyone meets pandas while sitting in a fast-food Chinese restaurant. They sing and run through the park together. In one creepy scene, he tickles her. The panda man takes off his head to reveal it’s Wilson, who starts to rap in an accent we’re assuming he thinks is Chinese, about eating wonton soup and playing Monopoly with a bunch of pre-teens wearing pajamas in a bedroom. If this isn’t disturbing enough, in a later scene, the girls are dressed as Japanese geishas and they dance around in a kitchen, then a bedroom with the giant panda. And the entire thing ends with the words “fortune cookies are never wrong.” There are no words for how wrong this video is on so many levels. Do you think “Chinese Food” is just another fun music video or are the stereotypes too offensive to ignore?