‘breaking Bad’ Finale Party At Hollywood Forever Cemetery In La Was A Fitting Tribute To The Show

For assistant-turned- authorLydia Whitlock, however, the email was all too familiar: After five years toiling away as an assistant, Whitlock quit the biz to expose the seamy side of the Hollywood system in a no-holds-barred book,To My Assistant: Things Ill Never Do to You, But Many Other Crazy Bosses Will. Now, she shares some of her craziest tales with RadarOnline.com stories that make Nancy Etz seem like the boss of the year. I was not at all surprised that the [Etz] email exists, Whitlock tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. I was surprised that someone had the guts to leak it because thats an unsaid rule in the industry. Indeed, Whitlock used the cover of anonymity when she started blogging about her experiences as a Hollywood assistant in 2011, three years after graduating from Yale and heading to Los Angeles. PHOTOS: Hollywood Housekeepers & Assistants Tell All 31 Scandalous Secrets Of The Stars I started the blog because I noticed that a lot of times when assistants have something terrible done to them or are asked to do something ridiculous for their bosses, theyll say When I have an assistant, I wont be like that, she explains. I thought it was a very hopeful and good-natured way to look at how a lot of bosses treat their assistants. If she didnt laugh, it seems, shed have to cry. Whitlock remembers one particular instance when she faced an epic meltdown over butter. I had a boss who screamed at me once because the butter that came with his lunch was too warm, Whitlock remembers. It was like, full-on tantrum level. From then on, every day I had to squeeze the packets of butter to make sure they were the right temperature. PHOTOS: 15 Of The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Worse still was the story she heard from another assistant that Whitlock says is just extraordinary, probably reaching the level of urban legend at this point. I knew an assistant who once had to pick up a stool sample from a boss dog to take it to the vet, she reveals. It was pretty terrible. The only way it could have been worse is if it was from the boss themselves! Whitlocks blog, ToMyAssistant.com, a nd her Twitter feed are full of similarly cringe-worthy stories, which she says she gets via submission and her own flashbacks. She then writes them up as notes to her hypothetical future assistant. (Whitlock says shes neither busy enough nor rich enough to have one now.) After my trainer, who I pay more per month than you make in six weeks, gives me a pedometer and assigns me a certain number of steps to take each day, she writes to her future assistant in one post inspired by a real assistants story, I will not regularly make you clip it onto your waist and take laps around the outside of our building during lunch while I sit at my desk and eat a double serving of Lean Cuisines. In another, she promises, When the chef at my favorite restaurant takes my favorite salad off the menu, I will not throw a 20-minute temper tantrum, directed at you, before wondering aloud if its your lack of phone manners that prompted this terrible tragedy. PHOTOS: Celebrity Mugshots Yet another ripped-from-real-life entry reads, I will not get mad at you when I get back from lunch at a particular restaurant you recommended to me, because the person I believe to be my business nemesis was also there, and you should have known better. Whitlock collected these and dozens of other entries for her book,To My Assistant:Things Ill Never Do to You, But Many Other Crazy Bosses Will, which was published this spring. I did it to expand the content beyond just what can be posted on Tumblr, Whitlock says, adding that it includes transcripts of email conversations and Im conversations based on past experiences. And even though shes since been pretty much blacklisted from the Hollywood assistant pool, she harbors no resentment and says the book is meant to entertain assistants, not embarrass their bosses. MORE ON THIS STORY:

| Brandon Kidd photography Get TV Newsletters: Subscribe Follow: “Breaking Bad” is finished, and even though there’s plenty of celebration over Vince Gilligan and Co. sticking the landing , it still feels a little bit like a funeral. It probably doesn’t help that I watched the finale at a cemetery. to the end of “Breaking Bad” It was an awesome event for fans — with tickets selling out in under a minute, and even more being given away by Paul, including a day with Paul auctioned off on Omaze — but it was also a wrap party of sorts for the cast, writers and so many crew members who made the trip from Albuquerque. With “Breaking Bad”-themed cocktails by Bushmills and a photo op with an RV, of course, the event kicked off with a screening of the “Breaking Bad” pilot episode before we watched the series finale, under the stars, projected onto the side of a mausoleum, with gravestones scattered all around. If you’ve seen the episode, you know how fitting that was. (If not, what are you waiting for?) After the finale ended, the cast took to the stage with Jimmy Kimmel to talk about saying goodbye to the hit series and to share a few funny behind-the-scenes stories, including Vince Gilligan’s humble confession about one very poignant scene in the finale. The fortunate accident occurred during the scene when Skyler (Anna Gunn) was on the phone with Marie (Betsy Brandt), and the camera panned to reveal Walt standing in her kitchen. Skyler’s reflection appeared perfectly in the microwave, but Gilligan confessed that it wasn’t intentional. When the editor complimented him on the layers of detail in the shot, Gilligan was shocked to see the cool final effect of something he hadn’t realized he’d even captured. It’s things like that that make fans love the show even more, but it’s also Paul and Cranston’s real-life friendship. The two stars shared some very heartfelt moments together on stage:

CNN, NBC pull the plug on Hillary Clinton projects: Did the RNC trump Hollywood?

first lady Hillary Clinton sits and watches during the Clinton Global Initiative 2013 (CGI) in New York September 24, 2013.Reuters LOS ANGELES It was announced Monday that CNN Films planned documentary on Hillary Clinton had been abandoned, with director Charles Ferguson insisting it wasnt due to issues with the network, but rather it was the former Secretary of State and her aides refusal to participate that led to the projects demise. Just a few hours later NBC declared that they too were abandoning plans to produce a four-hour miniseries based on Clinton. After reviewing and prioritizing our slate of movie/miniseries development, weve decided that we will no longer continue developing the Hillary Clinton miniseries, NBC said in a statement. So did the quest for a balanced political playing field actually trump Hollywood? “This was only the first step in the Republican Party taking control of our debate process. The purpose of our party’s debates is to better inform our grassroots and those participating in Republican primaries and caucuses, Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski told FOX411. Now that CNN and NBC have canceled their Hillary Clinton infomercials, we will work on developing a new debate model that will address the timing, frequency, moderators and venues that will come in the next few months. Any media organization looking to be part of the debate process will have to comply with the new system.” The announcement of both Clinton projects earlier this year sparked immediate political outrage, with many concerned that the projects would function as puff pieces for Clintons presidential aspirations. The RNC voted in August to boycott both NBC and CNN during the 2016 presidential primary debates, which then also raised concerns from Democrat supporters and political figures at NBC as to whether it could harm the potential candidate in the end. “Nobody in Hollywood expected RNC chairman (Reince) Preibus to flex his muscles like this and threaten CNN and NBC over these two movies. This is a clear result of that. The networks simply cannot countenance being excluded from debates and no single project is worth that access being cut off, noted Hollywood producer, Mark Joseph. Preibus is part of a new generation of GOP leaders who are playing by a different set of rules than their predecessors. He played hardball and he won big time.” Other critics are not convinced that Clinton didnt have some personally vested interests in silencing the entertainment productions. The Clintons are very concerned with any large books or film projects that focus on them.