Your conditions that deserve a massage from a London escort therapist

Massage brings in a lot of health benefits. One of the major benefits is enhancement of hormone serotonin. This is the hormone responsible for making human beings feel happy. Massage essentially brings in hormonal balance. It also enhances better sleep for these are the main reasons that give rise to low serotonin levels in the body. What is more, you can now get affordable massage services from London escort girls. All you have to do is pay the required fee, and you get this and many more services.

While massage is great during pregnancy, wait until the first trimester is over. The reason is that in the first trimester the baby is at its earliest development stages. Toxins freed after a massage can harm the foetus or hamper growth. The ideal time to have a massage is sixteen weeks and beyond. Take note  you should only visit a licensed escort agency website . Their therapists go through specific training and can better understand your exclusive needs. I used them and they are top notch.

People suffering from arthritis can also benefit from London escort massage therapist services at . It is a painful condition and the body is in pain from time to time. A massage is all the more necessary if the medicine you are using in not effective enough. Massage helps improve your circulation as a result, keeping your blood flowing and making your joints more flexible.
Don’t forget to make your massage therapist aware of any areas of discomfort. If there is any area that is giving you pain, don’t hesitate to say. This is in a bid to make the London escort therapist have more attention towards that area. It also serves to warn of any areas that might be highly sensitive. Helps avoid any uneasiness during the process.


If you are suffering from back pain and traditional back massages are doing little to help, consider a hand massage. In this kind of massage, the therapist firmly presses on muscles. This is by use of the meaty area between the therapists thumb and index finger. This kind of massage is ideal for muscle twinges and pulled-back muscles. Asian massages are less used. However one of its variations called the Indonesian-Javanese massage involves use of both hands to knuckle deep into the skin. In case your muscles were tense, this a good way to create relaxation.
One more kind of massage called aroma-therapy is good for the mind as well as the body. This kind of massage uses essential oils for smooth skin massages. It is a major stress reliever and calms tense emotions. The GB London escorts  one of the top escort agency London  know exactly what oils to use. Lavender is the most common oil used due to its relaxation enrichment capabilities.

When taking part in a full body massage, always take a bath. If not able to take a full bath, at least wash your feet. A lot of bacteria is hidden in your body parts. You definitely do not want your London escort massage therapist to touch these places and then go touching your face. Take your time and go in for a shower before a massage.

In case you are in any of the above categories, go ahead! Make use of London escort massage therapists. You will no doubt love the service they have in store for you. Better still, you get this service at a reasonably priced fee. This therefore means people across varied social classes can afford to get these noble services. All said and done, remember to drink plenty of water after a massage. It is necessary in attaining the desired outcome in the long run.